10 Amazing Kids drawings, that have been subject to grown ups dirty minds –

10 Amazing Kids drawings, that have been subject to grown ups dirty minds


I know that this has nothing to do with fitness or healthy food, but I was laughing so much, that I felt I had to share, so I made a translation for you from the original Danish article.
Hope you laugh as much as I did!!!
Actually when I think about it, it has something to do with health, – because laughing is good for Us. It keeps us in a good mood stimulates the right hormones and makes Us happier.

We all know that kids can say the strangest and funniest things, but when it comes to drawing it all can come off track!!
Where kids see  a hat, scissors or a dolphin, we might see … well, something completely different.
Take a look at the list below – do you see what I see?


1- There are other ways of putting a fire out – apparently.


2- This drawing shows the mother at work – she sells snow shovels at Home Depot



3- “My daughters aquarium with dolphins”



4-“My friend that is a teacher, asked the class to draw the best way to prevent the spread of bacterias – this kid did not dissapoint.


5-We are sure he meant “Cook”



6- Tá tudo bem :) nós percebemos que é difícil desenhar mãos…



7- Mushrooms and butterflies …! What a combination – butterflies look very happy at least.



8- Look how happy the giraffe is!


9- This kid made a book for his father as a present for father’s day. We think that he needs to practice the drawing of the whistle


10- Lets cut some stuff!



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