If it doesn´t challenge you it doesn´t change you!

I am sitting on the couch looking at my 3 year old son, he is building a pirate ship out of duplo blocks, it is difficult and a bit of frustration goes into the process. When he finishes he plays with it for a small while and then gets bored, destroys the pirate ship and builds a tower instead, again it isn´t easy it will get too tall and thin and eventually fall. He then has to start all over again. After a bit I call him as it is dinner time, I tell him to put the blocks back in the box, which he does happily and then comes running to me.


Let us imagine an adult person in a similar situation. You build a ship, it was difficult and you got frustrated with it. You managed to finish it but unlike my son you made sure it would never get destroyed again!! You wouldn´t destroy it and then make a tower and happily clean it all up after.
So why do children destroy what they just made even though it was hard to reach the goal, a finished ship? It is simple! They love the challenge that goes into “the making of” and that they keep improving their skills and reaching new goals. The feeling of victory.

As an adult we tend to stay in the easy safe zone, we get scared of new things, we get lazy and we give up instead of keeping at it until we reach the goal. If we reach a set goal (the ship was build) we´ll make sure not to destroy it again and our development stops there. Instead we should keep setting new goals and developing. Just like we did when when we where children.

Here is 5 reasons you should keep challenging yourself:

1. If you don’t try, you won’t know what you’re capable of

Sure, it´s comfy to do the same ole, same ole day in day out. But if you don´t challenge yourself and try new things, how will you know your potential?

2. Each challenge you face helps you grow as a person

Personal growth happens when you need to stretch beyond your own limits. Every time you do something you didn´t know you were capable of, you become that much more knowledgeable and skilled. You can´t learn to grow, you have to do it.

3. Overcoming challenges is empowering

When you overcome a challenge you were not sure you were equipped for, you have the certainty that you can do it again!

4. Each challenge you overcome is a victory

Victory is exhilarating and even addictive. Better to become addicted to victory than failure! You will be a happier person too.

5. Without a challenge, there’s no success

If you read the stories of most successful people, they didn´t have it easy. Challenge yourself if you want to follow in their steps.

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