IMG_2337bPedro / 35 / Finances / Portugal-Denmark
Part-time Wellness coach

I have made sports as far back as I can remember.
I never really thought so much about the importance that nutrition had on my performance, until  3 years ago where I found the most amazing smoothies, that I started using together with the specific sports nutrition.  I lost 9kg, decreased my body fat 9% and gained 3 kg of muscle in the first 3 months*.
What is happening is amazing, the nutrition together with some lifestyle changes makes that the older I get the younger I feel.
Getting in shape was my greatest decision, nutrition & fitness and living a healthy active lifestyle is the way to show gratitude for life.
I have a big passion about helping people, and being part of this team gives me the platform and the opportunity to help people improve their health, gain their self-confidence back, get amazing results, create financial freedom – and most importantly make people see that you can start dreaming again.
Its much more than just smoothies!!!


joaoJoão / 25 / acccounting / Portugal / Part-time Wellness coach
I have always been interested in exercise, but was not very careful with my nutrition, but 3 years ago I changed my breakfast, and taught myself how to eat healthier.
Because of that I lost 8 kg and 7% body fat, and my sports performance improved very much*. These changes helped me achieve my best shape ever, I have already participated in half-marathons, triathlons and longs distance bike races, and I feel that I’m just getting started.
The biggest satisfaction as a Wellness coach is being able to recommend this nutrition to people, to help them achieve their best shape ever and to show people that just by helping them to become in shape, they can earn extra income without affecting what they are doing, and have fun while doing it.

12699218_10153568180533285_865890307_oFlávia / 25 / Portugal / Full time Wellness Coach

I have a background in business management, but 3 years ago I made some changes. I changed my lifestyle and what made the biggest difference was changing the breakfast for a super tasty and healthy smoothie. This gave me more energy, well being, I gained muscle mass and lost body fat*.
Instead of pursuing a career in business management I decides to become a Wellness coach full time. Being a Wellness coach is amazing, I love the feeling of helping one more person every day to become healthier and give them the chance of changing their lives.
I have chosen the best company and team to help me grow in my professional career. I feel very accomplished professionally and have an incredible lifestyle, I travel more, I have more friends, a better health and I have improved my physical shape.





*The results for each person can vary. There’s no guarantee of specific results.

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