Halloween Disgusting Witch Fingers


Halloween Disgusting Witch Fingers

Join me and my family in the kitchen as we are preparing a halloween treat! Halloween disgusting witch fingers.
We love traditions here at home and baking on special occasions is definitely one of them.
This is a super easy recipe to do with kids, it has only 3 ingredients and no ingredients that are dangerous for the kids, if they have a little taste of the uncooked dough.


10 Amazing Kids drawings, that have been subject to grown ups dirty minds –


10 Amazing Kids drawings, that have been subject to grown ups dirty minds


I know that this has nothing to do with fitness or healthy food, but I was laughing so much, that I felt I had to share, so I made a translation for you from the original Danish article.
Hope you laugh as much as I did!!!
Actually when I think about it, it has something to do with health, – because laughing is good for Us. It keeps us in a good mood stimulates the right hormones and makes Us happier.

We all know that kids can say the strangest and funniest things, but when it comes to drawing it all can come off track!!
Where kids see  a hat, scissors or a dolphin, we might see … well, something completely different.
Take a look at the list below – do you see what I see?


1- There are other ways of putting a fire out – apparently.



Stretch Your Body Long

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 14.05.09

There are lots of different opinions about stretching. Some people think you stretch to avoid muscle pain the following day, – I don´t believe that. I believe stretching is very important to keep your muscles long, and that by doing that you can avoid asymmetry in the body. Thereby certain injuries and chronicle backproblems can be avoided.


If it doesn´t challenge you it doesn´t change you!


I am sitting on the couch looking at my 3 year old son, he is building a pirate ship out of duplo blocks, it is difficult and a bit of frustration goes into the process. When he finishes he plays with it for a small while and then gets bored, destroys the pirate ship and builds a tower instead, again it isn´t easy it will get too tall and thin and eventually fall. He then has to start all over again. After a bit I call him as it is dinner time, I tell him to put the blocks back in the box, which he does happily and then comes running to me.

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