November 2019 Workout Calendar


It’s November, we are still in the Fall season and it’s getting colder. Take some time out of your schedule for some self care, workout to make sure you keep your body and mind healthy, light some candles and wrap yourself in hot socks and a blanket… with a nice cup of tea…

I’m here to help you with the workout part ;). This month I’m am preparing a new series to help you stay fit and healthy: the WonderFall Body Balletlates series. As usual there will be a good mix of strengthening and lengthening!

I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. I hope you’ll like them!

I hope you’ll enjoy this calendar, love you lots. Tine x

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Workout Calendar

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  • You can find each video by simply clicking on the link in the PDF (all located at
  • Check off as you go
  • Saturdays are rest days, so no work outs!

New year, new life – Start to workout


The new year always starts with promises of change … a more balanced financial life, a healthier life … stop smoking, eat better … start training !!!
I’m like that too, the beginning of the year brings motivation to make changes … for the better!
I’m constantly looking for motivation and usually follow some athletes on instagram and facebook. Many, not because of the body, but because they are great at motivating those who follow them.
I’ll give you a help for you to get a better and healthier body… and speaking about motivation, why not remember that summer is coming up ?!
To begin with I will give you…

10 benefits when starting to workout*:

1. We feel more beautiful. Sport improves self-esteem, we begin to feel more confident with the improvements of our body and the skills acquired;


Toned Calves Workout | TJ Wellness | Toned Legs


Toned Calves Workout | TJ Wellness | Toned Legs 

As I am a beginner in ballet I have a lot of work in front of me.
We are doing pointe work, and I really wanted to improve that and get a more beautiful arch in the foot.
Therefore I created this program to do over the summer holidays and I am telling you, – it works!!
It is easier going up on point, and I have gotten a lot more defined and toned calve muscle. I am going to keep at it as consistency is key, I hope you enjoy!