New year, new life – Start to workout


The new year always starts with promises of change … a more balanced financial life, a healthier life … stop smoking, eat better … start training !!!
I’m like that too, the beginning of the year brings motivation to make changes … for the better!
I’m constantly looking for motivation and usually follow some athletes on instagram and facebook. Many, not because of the body, but because they are great at motivating those who follow them.
I’ll give you a help for you to get a better and healthier body… and speaking about motivation, why not remember that summer is coming up ?!
To begin with I will give you…

10 benefits when starting to workout*:

1. We feel more beautiful. Sport improves self-esteem, we begin to feel more confident with the improvements of our body and the skills acquired;


Easy cardio – Warm up | TJ Wellness

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Get sweating with these simple cardio and stretch exercises. You will get your cardio training in or you will get nice and warm for some of my other videos. A great warm up will get your heart rate up, improve blood flow which will help the muscles to be more alert and thereby help preventing injury from happening. Make sure to always warm up before heavy sports.