Butt lift workout | TJ Wellness


Butt lift workout | TJ Wellness

Lift your butt and get a nice round bottom with this workout video! You don´t have to use weights, but I used 3 kg for show, but you can easily add more weight, – make sure to push yourself to your max. The more you push the more muscle you will build on and the nicer bottom you will get ;).




At the photo you can see my little baby boy, looking very happy. He is like that most of the time, but why is that? I can only guess, but I think it is pretty basic.
He needs enough sleep, and to not get too hungry. Science backs that up; these two factors have a big impact on happiness.
His basic psychological needs must be covered as well, which include feeling loved and secure. Furthermore he is always active, playing with his toes and rolling over. He challenges himself and keeps improving new skills, he explores new things, toys, foods etc.
All these factors play an important role in what makes him and ALL of us happy!

10 things scientifically proven to help us all become more happy*:

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