How I stayed healthy through my pregnancies The importance of good nutrition and supplementation throughout pregnancy


How I stayed healthy through my pregnancies

In both my pregnancies I was focused on living healthy. I was thinking that through the pregnancy I shouldn´t be “selfish” as I wasn´t just eating for myself I was “building” a little person and I wanted my little baby to be as healthy as possible. After all, 9 months is just a short period of my whole life.


6 months after giving birth


4 days before giving birth

In both pregnancies I was feeling very sick throughout the 1st trimester. Every smell would make me sick, I had to open the windows in the whole house as suddenly the house had a smell of concrete that I have never even noticed before, – or after for that matter! I couldn’t be near the kitchen as the smell of food would make me feel sick, and of course that isn´t possible especially in my second pregnancy as I had a little one already, and he was always hungry. I just had to close my nose whenever I was cooking!
In the 1st trimester I tried very hard to find healthy foods that didn’t make me feel too sick, but it got a lot easier when the sickness went away. In both pregnancies I would go for a walk every day one to one and a half hour, and I did 2-3 hours of Pilates a week. I worked at my clinic until the day I gave birth both times.

In my first pregnancy I did my best to live, how I thought, healthy at the time. I do not like meat very much, but I did a little effort to have some protein in my diet. Looking back though I wasn’t eating balanced meals. I would for instance have just a salad for lunch, basically just water! I kept refined carbs at a minimum, which I believe is the best, but I didn’t eat enough protein and fat to give me the energy I needed. I had a great pregnancy but I was always very tired, had a big temper and I was craving chocolate and sweet stuff all the time… I shall never forget the day my poor husband opened a chocolate bar right in front of me, when he knew I was trying to stay away from that stuff!!! Poor man ;).