It is my mission to help you become the best possible version of yourself. We all deserve to feel great about ourselves and everyone always says; “change your life today”, but no one ever tells how. I would like to provide the “how” to as many people as possible. By bringing great workout videos, fitness tips as well as nutrition and lifestyle tips I will help making it easier to live a healthy active lifestyle and thereby help people reaching their goals.

At the age of 15, I was at a healthy weight, but decided I needed to lose a bit of weight anyway. In one and a half month I lost 7kg, I wasn´t eating, my period stopped and I was always very tired. I was on the fast lane to anorexia. Luckily it was discovered in time, but a lot of years I still struggled keeping my weight where I wanted it to be by starving myself. When I discovered the proper balance of exercise and great nutrition it helped me to take control of my health, wellness and life! After getting to know about the importance of proper cellular nutrition and practicing as a physiotherapist, I am excited to share my knowledge by helping others reach their goals.

I was born in Denmark, and moved to Portugal for a period after having met my (now) husband there. We then moved back to Denmark where I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2001. After graduation I worked several different places both at Hospital and clinic to gain experience. In 2003 we moved to Portugal where I opened my own clinic. Since I graduated I have taken extra courses in Pilates and osteopathy. I am now the happy mum of two little boys and a healthy lifestyle has never been more important to me. I want them to grow up living an active and healthy lifestyle and therefor must be a good role model for them myself!

From my knowledge in sport and fitness I have embraced the concept that optimal wellness is based on 20% fitness and 80% proper nutrition*. With this in mind, I sought out a nutrition program that would provide me the proper balance of protein, nutrients and calories to achieve my wellness goals in a healthy way. This nutrition program and active lifestyle has enabled me and the people I work with to feel incredible every day and experience the best health of our lives.


*The results for each person can vary. There’s no guarantee of specific results.

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