January 2019 Workout Calendar

Happy New Year everybody! New year, new month and new Balletlates Calendar, so many new’s!

There is one more ‘new’ to mention as this month I’ve got a new series ready for you, the Total Toned Body Balletlates series. The first one is live on my channel already!

I think every day is a good day to start working out, living healthy etc. I don’t believe much in new years resolutions… that being said, I do always really have the need to get ‘back on track’ after the holidays with all those treats!!

I hope you’ll enjoy this calendar, love you lots. Tine x

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 15.30.24

(Click on the above image & click in each workout for it to open in Youtube)

  • You can find each video by simply clicking on the link in the PDF (all located at youtube.com/TJWELLNESS)
  • Check off as you go
  • Saturdays are rest days, so no work outs!

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