New year, new life – Start to workout

The new year always starts with promises of change … a more balanced financial life, a healthier life … stop smoking, eat better … start training !!!
I’m like that too, the beginning of the year brings motivation to make changes … for the better!
I’m constantly looking for motivation and usually follow some athletes on instagram and facebook. Many, not because of the body, but because they are great at motivating those who follow them.
I’ll give you a help for you to get a better and healthier body… and speaking about motivation, why not remember that summer is coming up ?!
To begin with I will give you…

10 benefits when starting to workout*:

1. We feel more beautiful. Sport improves self-esteem, we begin to feel more confident with the improvements of our body and the skills acquired;
2. We get a more toned and shaped body. Sport improves muscle tone and helps to correct some imperfections in terms of physical volumes;
3. Workout helps you to lose weight, because it increases metabolism allowing your body to burn more fat;
4. Strengthens the region of the spine and improves posture. Most cases of back pain is associated with muscle weakness, and lack of flexibility. Working with weights is indicated in these cases, since the muscles that support the bones stay more resistant;
5. Improves mood and libido. Our body responds to any physical effort with the release of endorphins, the hormone of happiness;
6. Increases balance and concentration. Training does not make you smarter, but it improves the blood supply to your brain by increasing the levels of concentration;
7. Prevents osteoporosis. Training acts as an inhibitor of osteoporosis, since it strengthens the bone because of more blood flow and stimulates to increase bone mass;
8. Delays aging. Being fit does not make the clock go backwards, but the more regular the training is, the more effective our body becomes to regenerate vital cells, and this helps to slow down the aging process;
9. When we start to train we stay healthier and less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. When we improve our physical condition, we improve oxygen absorption and strengthen the heart muscle;
10. It helps to make friends. The gym is a very easy place to create new friendships as there is a common taste/goal.

How to get motivated to workout?

1. Choose a gym/activity that gives you pleasure, join and get started on exercising.
2. Choose an activity that you like, even if it is the opposite of what your friends usually attend. Group activities are very fun.
3. Convince a friend to go with you, someone who has the same goals.
4. Decide how many times a week you can take a little time to take care of you and what the best time is. Do not forget that at the end of the day we are more and more tired. But if there is no alternative … at night it is!
5. Establish goals. Better to lose weight gradually … sudden weight loss is not so good for health.
6. If you can choose a workout accompanied by a Wellness coach/personal trainer, please do so. They can help you achieve the physical state you want. If you can’t do that you have the option of an online wellness coach ( me :) )!! I will provide you with all the workouts you need on my page and to help you reach your desired goals I have even got a great nutrition plan, simple and easy to follow!

*The results for each person can vary. There’s no guarantee of specific results.

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