How I stayed healthy through my pregnancies The importance of good nutrition and supplementation throughout pregnancy

How I stayed healthy through my pregnancies

In both my pregnancies I was focused on living healthy. I was thinking that through the pregnancy I shouldn´t be “selfish” as I wasn´t just eating for myself I was “building” a little person and I wanted my little baby to be as healthy as possible. After all, 9 months is just a short period of my whole life.


6 months after giving birth


4 days before giving birth

In both pregnancies I was feeling very sick throughout the 1st trimester. Every smell would make me sick, I had to open the windows in the whole house as suddenly the house had a smell of concrete that I have never even noticed before, – or after for that matter! I couldn’t be near the kitchen as the smell of food would make me feel sick, and of course that isn´t possible especially in my second pregnancy as I had a little one already, and he was always hungry. I just had to close my nose whenever I was cooking!
In the 1st trimester I tried very hard to find healthy foods that didn’t make me feel too sick, but it got a lot easier when the sickness went away. In both pregnancies I would go for a walk every day one to one and a half hour, and I did 2-3 hours of Pilates a week. I worked at my clinic until the day I gave birth both times.

In my first pregnancy I did my best to live, how I thought, healthy at the time. I do not like meat very much, but I did a little effort to have some protein in my diet. Looking back though I wasn’t eating balanced meals. I would for instance have just a salad for lunch, basically just water! I kept refined carbs at a minimum, which I believe is the best, but I didn’t eat enough protein and fat to give me the energy I needed. I had a great pregnancy but I was always very tired, had a big temper and I was craving chocolate and sweet stuff all the time… I shall never forget the day my poor husband opened a chocolate bar right in front of me, when he knew I was trying to stay away from that stuff!!! Poor man ;).
When starting to breastfeed I remember coming down to the kitchen in the morning shaking, I was so hungry. I would throw myself over cereals but still feel hungry afterwards, my body was not satisfied. I was very hard on myself as I wanted to get back in shape, and ended up starving a bit, as again I wasn’t eating enough protein and fat to keep me full.

In my second pregnancy I ate differently and I was much more aware of getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals my body needed. One year previously to getting pregnant I had found this nutrition company that made healthy living so much easier. I would start the day with a smoothie, containing the right balance between complex carbs, protein and fat – and on top of that containing all the vitamins and minerals you need in one meal. It is cellular nutrition which basically means it is easily absorbed by the cells in the body. From their range of products I would also make sure to take:

Protein powder,
Added it to my smoothie, helps to stay full longer.

Meant I didn’t have to take prenatal vitamins as my doctor checked out the label and I was fully covered.

Omega 3,
Very important in both development of a healthy baby (great for baby’s brain and nervous system) and in the health of the mother. I love the one I use now as I find all other brands to leave a very bad taste in your mouth.

Fiber and herbs,
Helped my digestion very much, and helped maintaining normal blood sugar level (makes sugar enter blood cells at a slow and even pace).

With D vitamin to help absorption. Very important for me as I am quite petite and need to make sure I support my bones (trying to avoid osteoporosis as it runs in my family). Furthermore calcium is an important mineral for the heart.

Aloe vera,
Helps digestion.

In the beginning of the pregnancy I suffered a bit with headaches, but getting the electrolytes I needed made the headaches disappear. And it contained no sugar and 100% C vitamin (needed pr. day)!

Great snack when I was out and about, I would get a lot of protein and avoid the refined carbs you often get when having to buy a snack on the go. It also took away some sugar cravings.

An easy fast meal, sometimes it would be my afternoon snack.

When I was in the middle of my 2nd trimester I started feeling very heavy, and I felt a lot of pressure in the lower abdomen in the evenings after dinner. I decided to have a smoothie in the evening instead of dinner and I would then have bigger snacks throughout the day. That made a big difference and I felt a lot better. There just didn’t seem to be a lot of space for the two of us and food.
I am still breastfeeding and it has gotten easier this time to stay satisfied. I have made sure to have my smoothie in the morning and in the beginning I would have a protein bar with it, if I was still very hungry after. I have also made sure to get more healthy fats.

Compared to my first pregnancy I felt less tired this time, I didn’t have a big temper and almost no sugar cravings (almost ;)). I think that a lot of those things where down to bad regulation of the blood sugar, and that my body wasn’t getting all the vitamins and minerals that it needed in my first pregnancy.
In my first pregnancy I lost a lot of hair throughout the pregnancy and while breastfeeding, I ended up with very little hair, – especially in one side!
In my second pregnancy I lost practically no hair during pregnancy and had a normal (not exaggerated as the first time) hair loss in the beginning of breastfeeding. I am very happy about this as I feared staying without any hair left this time ;)!

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