Fitness with your baby | TJ Wellness

The series I’ve made with my baby, is to be seen as an inspiration. You can follow along or do it your own way, deciding the number of repetitions yourself. You will notice that it depends a lot on your baby’s mood, how much/little you will get done! Exercising with your baby is a lot different than exercise on your own, you should both have fun with it and then your results will be just an extra benefit.
For me this was a great start on exercise postpartum and really helped me to slowly get back in shape respecting my body’s healing process and my baby’s needs at the same time. My baby is here 4 months old. Take your time with it, once you get started you’ll quickly get motivated to do more, and then you can check out all my other videos.






DISCLAIMER: Consult your doctor before starting this or any other fitness program, if you or your family have a history of high blood pressure, heart diseases or have any other medical condition that could get worst by physical activity and if your doctor advise you to not do it – do not start – If you have a history of injury ( back, neck, shoulder, knee) please speak to your doctor first. The user assumes all risks of injury.

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